Aidan Plank

Video Selections

GB by Aidan Plank. Performed by Pulse.

Brad Wagner- Tenor Saxophone, Anthony Fuoco- Piano, Aidan Plank- Bass, Dustin May- Drums. Live at the Bop Stop.

Afternoon in Puebla by Dominick Farinacci.

Performed by Dominick Farinacci- Trumpet, Kevin Bales- Piano, Aidan Plank- Bass, Quincy Phillips- Drums, Mathias Kunzli- Percussion. Live at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe.


#2 by William Wedmedyk

Performed by William Wedmedyk- Vibraphone, Chris Coles- Alto Saxophone, Dan Bruce- Guitar, Anthony Fuoco- Piano, Aidan Plank- Electric Bass, Anthony Taddeo- Drums. Live at Blu Jazz+.



A-That’s Freedom by Thad Jones

Performed by the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra.